Welcome to the Elite Drummers website! The 1st February, 2016 is a normal day for most but for a group of close friends it was a very memorable day. From producing a bespoke stage set and promo to meticulously coordinated uniforms, the launch of the Elite Drummers saw the start of a new journey in building a reputable and professional brand. As part of that journey the Elite Drummers are now proud and excited to launch their new website to you all as testament of their ever-growing brand.

Allowing potential customers to ‘try before they buy’, the website provides a clear window into the way Elite Drummers work, featuring images and videos of the team performing at various events. With features such as smartphone capability and the blog, the website will keep potential and existing customers up to date, sharing media from events the drummers performed at, information about upcoming events and any upcoming promotions. The website also provides customers with a live feed from all social media channels so to be up to date with all of our latest work.

Partnering with MOBO Media, Kyle, lead designer is “proud to have brought the musicians’ story to life”. The brief for the new website was to combine the traditional nature of the business with the more contemporary and entertaining element that the Elite Drummers bring, allowing site visitors to envisage how an event with the Elite Drummers would unfold.

The Elite Drummers are all about instilling a great enjoyable atmosphere, bringing all types of events to life through the sound of the Dhol. The new website resonates that atmosphere through celebrating the story and great things the Elite Drummers are involved in.

Make sure you keep up to date with the Elite Drummers through the website and see what the drummers get up to or furthermore for any enquiries or information about getting in touch with the drummers please visit the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Elite Drummers bringing that HYPE!