The 1st February, 2016 saw the introduction of the Elite drummers; a group of close friends who all share the same passion of picking up the Dhol and bringing that extra ounce of hype to any event…What other way is there to rock a party?

With over 15 years of experience the Elite Drummers were formed on one basic principle…to go out and have FUN in anything they partake in. The Elite Drummers passion, vision and approach were the stepping stones in building a reputable brand representing quality, integrity, innovation and yep you guessed it bringing that HYPE!

With a shared vision of being the leading Dhol group in the industry, building a name, brand, performance and look were a key focus in portraying the groups image. After countless meetings the Elite Drummers name was born marking the start of the Elite Drummers story. With the ball now rolling the team were in full swing in preparing for their much anticipated launch. From looks being story boarded and chosen, the creation and choreography of a new stage performance down to the exact same uniform worn by each group member the attention to detail, determination, passion and skill set of the Elite team ensured a successful and high impact launch on the 1st February, 2016.

This memorable day marked the start of the Elite teams new journey, bringing the already close friendships closer, a new unique and dynamic performance and most important of all, an increased level of HYPE at an event.

With the successful launch of the website and the ability to access it from any platform, anytime, anywhere, the Elite Drummers have now made it possible to keep up to date with all the teams events. From pictures and videos to blogs written by the team themselves the website offers all the chance to be a part of the Elite team’s story.

The Elite Drummers would like to thank all those who have supported the team so far in their journey and continue to do so. Also an extended welcome to all those who are experiencing the Elite team for a first time. We hope you enjoy the website.

Elite Drummers bringing that HYPE!